Are You Getting the Hot Water You Want?

Are You Getting the Hot Water You Want?

We offer water heater sales in Winchester, Murrieta, & Temecula, CA

If your water heater is no longer working or you want to increase the energy efficiency in your home, you’ll find a replacement through AM PM Plumbing. We handle water heater sales and installations to get your home the hot water you require. Call 951-553-3882 today to schedule a water heater installation.

5 signs you may need a new water heater

If you’re a homeowner, chances are you’ll need a new water heater sooner or later. They typically last for 10 to 15 years. If you aren’t sure when yours was last replaced, you may need a new one sooner than you think.

Here are some clues that you may need to have a new water heater installed:

• The water has a metallic smell and taste
• You don’t have any hot water
• You hear your water heater making odd noises
• You’re constantly calling for repairs
• You notice water puddling around your water heater

Our professional technicians will come out and examine your water heater to see if it needs simple repairs or if a bigger problem exists. Contact AM PM Plumbing for water heater services in the Winchester, Murrieta, & Temecula, CA area.